Patreon Page Launched!

Hey friends!

If you’re a fan of my game design work and would like to contribute to me making new, weird games and fun, improv workshops, please consider becoming a patron of mine over at Patreon!

This Patreon is an interactive way of sharing my ongoing design process with the people that are interested in it and show the work, ideas, and noodlings that are currently on my drawing board.  It will also support the creation of Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table workshops which I’ve previously facilitated here in Chicago, IL and at GenCon.  A part of these workshops will be to archive the information and techniques we teach in them online for the greater gaming community to use.

Every month, I’ll be posting updates on my projects and process that may include:

  • new game ideas or workshop topics
  • supplemental materials for my existing games
  • playtest materials for games-in-progress
  • hacks, nano games and other playable noodles
  • handouts and other materials from Improv Techniques workshops
  • videos of improv techniques featuring my instructors
  • and other gaming stuff

I intend for this to be my interactive community, like a G+ or Facebook page, of interested, like-minded gaming enthusiasts. Patrons get to participate in my process if they’re inclined to do so.  Also, I’ll be sharing free electronic copies of the things I release before the general public can get their hands on them.

I love being a creator and producer.  I wish this could be a bigger part of what I do with my time and that I had the means to shifting away from traditional employment and towards a sustainable model of self-employment.

Thanks for reading and check out the new page over at Patreon!