My Dumpster Fire Birthday and How You Can Help Make It Less on Fire


So my birthday is coming up on Sunday (that’s June 26th). I’m turning 41. It’s not a milestone birthday or anything, but I anticipate that because Facebook or whatever social media app of your choice will remind you of the fact that it exists and you might spend a few seconds crafting a nice “Happy Birthday” message to post on my Wall or in the comments here on the website. And that’s awesome and appreciated and I thank you in advance for the gesture.

But I’m going to be a little selfish this year and ask for ten seconds of your time for my birthday, which is several seconds more than the birthday message might take.


I KNOW. I’m being selfish for asking, but I know you have a few extra seconds kicking around in your day. I have been having a less than great year (A Bad Go Of It insert trademark here) and I have a wish for my birthday that you can help make come true.

I want doges for my birthday. You know, these:
I want you to send me a doge. Pictures of doges. GIFs of doges. Make me a custom Megan Dumpster Fire birthday doge. Write me a sonnet about doges or a haiku in doge speak. I don’t care what or how or why, I just want a flood of doges for my birthday. Tweet them at me(@wheeltreemegan). Post them on my Facebook wall.  Send them to me on Google+. Sneak them to me as surprises in the mail that I can open up after the fact. Or give me a doge surprise in person.  Send me one on Instagram (@wheeltreemegan). Make me an origami doge and present it to me the next time you see me. Paint me a picture of a doge. If you own a doge and live in Chicago, stop by and let me pet your doge. Give me a deluge of doges.

This is what I want most for my birthday. A deluge of doges.


This is a true fact. #truestory
But it does not change my special birthday wish that I would ask of you. And that wish is for doges to rain down upon me and my social media like manna from the heavens, or like that comet doge picture I just posted right above what I’m typing right now.

So please, friend people I know, on Sunday, June 26th –
Bring me your doges.
Flood me with doges.
Give me a deluge of doges.Your weird friend person,
Megan Pedersen/Paris Green