Cinema Supercollider: B-Fest 2016

Episode 2: B-Fest 2016 In this episode, we talk about our trip to B-Fest, the annual 24 hour B-movie marathon at Northwestern University!  From the best of the worst to the absolutely dreadful, we round up our favorite movie weekend of the year.  We also talk about being an official sponsor, and the reception that our game, Greenlight, received from the film lovers in attendance. Movies discussed: The Adventures of Hercules Caltiki, The Immortal Monster…
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Cinema Supercollider is GO

Hey folks! I’m expanding my podcasting activities to include a brand new movie centric podcast called Cinema Supercollider!  Every week I’ll be talking about movies with my partner in crime, Eric Ahlgren.  We’ve got two episodes up at the official website, introducing the show and then tackling one of the heavy hitters of bad movies, Battlefield Earth.  iTunes is still in the process of approving our feed, but it’s in the works.  In the meantime,…
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Jank Cast Episode 210: Characterization

New Jank Cast episode dropped today!  This time we’re talking about characterization in games – what we do, techniques and other fun stuff. Episode 210: Characterization Hosts: Joe, Megan, Todd In this episode, we discuss how characters are built in games, from the mechanics, to emergent stuff that happens in the game, to the backstory you bring to your character. Sh’notes! 2:30- What have we played. 22:24- Topic. 57:00- Rants  

Jank Cast Episode 209: Gaming Groups

In this episode, we examine the pros and cons of gaming group monogamy (where you have one, long term group you always play with) or gaming with lots of different ad hoc groups. We also talk a bunch about board games we’ve been playing, give a shout out to our Jank Cast Patreon contributors, and name drop B-Fest, which Wheel Tree Press is sponsoring. Episode 209: Gaming Groups, Pros and Cons

Soth AP on the Jank Cast

A bunch of us at the Jank Cast and our friends got together over Turkey Day weekend to play a six hour long session of Steve Hickey’s “cultists summoning an elder god” game SOTH.  I’m playing an ex-con who is also the keeper of the Tome of secret, mysterious cult stuff.  The first two parts are now available for download via the Jank Cast site at: SOTH Part One SOTH Part Two As always, you can…
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Oh Requiem! The Tilt takes on Break a Leg

Imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered that the Tilt Podcast had run an actual play game of my silly little theatre-based playset, Break a Leg, this month! The Tilt is dedicated to bringing to life various Fiasco playsets via a rotating cast of actors, improvisers and comedians.  Their version featured the trials and tribulations of the cast and crew of “Oh Requiem!” a musical version of the film, Requiem for a Dream.  Put…
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Heroine AP episodes now available!

I had the pleasure of recording an Actual Play with the lovely people of One Shot Podcast and their special guest, comedian Mike Migdall.  The game is Heroine, by Josh T. Jordan, that pulls a lot of story elements and genre feels from movies like Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland.  I play the Heroine, a foster kid named Lindsay, who finds herself in a strange world with strict rules and strange denizens.  The first two episodes…
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