Current Projects


What’s in the works?  Here’s what I’ve got in development:

    An exciting game of urban pooches fighting for territory on the mean streets of the concrete jungle.
  • PANE
    PANE is a game about the last second of a person’s life. Players add details by fracturing or fusing glass from a window pane to create the linear story of the last 24 hours leading up to the death as well as a lifetime’s worth of memories that flash just before the final second ticks over.  PANE celebrates a lifetime never lived, in the last possible moment.
  • Adelphe
    The birth of the king’s first child is cheered throughout the land with feasts and celebrations.  The kingdom anxiously awaits the blessing of the Sisterhood of Xi’an, whose Oracle has always predicted the fate of royalty. Each Sister found solace in the walls of their conclave, though they no longer have freedom or rights outside of them.  I’m hoping to explore some bigger social issues women currently face in this LARP while also trying to answer the question:  “If you had a way to take revenge that would destroy the one who wronged you, would you do it?”
  • Catamatsu
    A hack of the most excellent game, Kagematsu, in which you play shelter cats vying for the attention of a cat lady at a no-kill animal shelter.

If you’re interested in being a playtester for any of my games, please make sure to follow the Wheel Tree Press G+ Community as I often post opportunities on that forum and welcome feedback on my work.


  • The Glitter Guild
    Glitter Guild is planning two big shows for our 2016 season – our annual GenCon nerdlesque revue (August 4th in Indianapolis) and a Cosplay Prom in early fall in Chicago.  We do bookings for private parties and other events, so if that is of interest to you, please head to the official website for more information.
  • Improv Techniques for the Gaming Table
    Take your gaming experience to the next level!  Learn improv and acting techniques from veterans of the Chicagoland theater scene and gaming communities.  Previous instructors have included Steve Townshend and Pixy Belmont-Leo.


  • Cinema Supercollider
    Cinema Supercollider is dedicated to smashing up cinema, one movie at a time.  We love all sorts of films, but particularly those of the low budget or b-movie variety.  That doesn’t mean we won’t ever talk about classy, award winning, big budget stuff; we just prefer the type that aims low and tries hard.  I co-host this with my partner, Eric Ahlgren.
  • The Jank Cast
    The Jank Cast is a roundtable discussion about gaming and gaming communities. We do topic episodes, actual play episodes, and interviews. Our podcast covers experiences at the table, game design and gamer culture. We play and love a broad variety of games, and we want you to play and love them too.