I design games, mostly of the tabletop RPG and LARP varieties.  Most of my stuff you can find at the official website of my design company, Wheel Tree Press.  Check ’em out:

Greenlight - Clapper Title CardGreenlight is a card based party game for 3 or more players or teams of players.  The object of the game is to make the most creative pitch for a movie, TV show or other entertainment property.  Players/Teams take turns as the Studio Boss, who decides which project gets the “greenlight” so it can be produced for the masses!

Greenlight is available for purchase at DriveThruCards.Com.



TC CoverTime Cellist is a wacky game about the neverending battle between a time traveling, cello wielding superhero and the evil Maestro of Maliciousness, a super villian bent on destorying history in his bid to take over the world.  Players take on the roles of a plucky band of kids tasked with helping the Time Cellist in her battle to prevent meddling and mayhem to the time stream from the Maestro’s army of ninjas (all named Steve).  The game is for all ages and is a perfect way to introduce roleplaying games (and history) to kids.

Time Cellist is available for purchase at




SPARKLE, BABY! (free download)

Sparkle, Baby is a LARP for 6-12 players about horrible stage parents at a glitz beauty pageant in Junction City, Arkansas.

“Sparkle Baby is wonderful and disgusting, like The Tribunal with rhinestones and a cupcake dress. Brutal.” – Jason Morningstar, Bully Pulpit Games
“Sparkle, Baby! changed me from larpnope to LARP, YES.  It was tragic, funny, and vicious- and exactly right for me.”
– Eric Farmer
“If you ever get a chance to play “Sparkle, Baby!” do it!” – Colin Fahrion


yellowcover I’ve been lucky enough to work with the designers of a super fun game called Fiasco in creating some supplemental playsets.  Fiasco is a game by Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games about ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control. There will be big dreams and flawed execution. It won’t go well for them, to put it mildly, and in the end it will probably all go south in a glorious heap of jealousy, murder, and recrimination. It’s designed to be played in a single session, usually around two and a half hours, with no prep.

I’ve got two playsets featured in their Anthology collections, one which I authored with fellow Jank Cast host, John Kelly, and one which I contributed to with a who’s who of other playset authors.  All of these fabulous collections can be purchased via the Indie Press Revolution website in print and PDF forms.

Break a Leg (Playset of the Month – June 2011)

The director slept with half the cast, your lighting designer is homicidal and that bastard from the Daily News just panned the show in his column. You’ll be lucky on opening night if the cast remembers their lines, nobody mentions the Scottish Play and the scenery doesn’t fall down mid-performance. But hey, the art is all that’s important, right?

Break A Leg! is a tribute to the grand traditions and superstitions of the Theatre ­from the casting couch to the Great White Way.

Touring Rock Band 2: When the Music Stopped (contributor)bluecover

You were supposed to live fast and die young. At least you lived fast. Now you are not so young. Not so famous. Not quite able to rise to the sybaritic occasion the way you did back in the crazy days. Back when you were the big deal, touring the world behind an album that could have—should have—one platinum. You had your moment and now it has passed. The band broke up, over sex and money and a lot of stuff that seems trivial now.

You’ve had to tone it down a little, accept a new sort of reality that involved trashing fewer hotel rooms and paying more bills on time and getting prostate exams that are actually prostate exams.

But the dreams never died, and lately the various anemic side projects have been less and less satisfying. And as bad decisions and old bridges burned come back to haunt you, the idea of revisiting past glory seems better and better. God knows you need the cash. And you still have fans on the Internet who would kill to see the band get back together….

I have also contributed materials to a number of other people’s excellent games, including: