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Jank Cast – Interview With Stephanie Bryant

Episode 216: Interview With Stephanie Bryant Hosts: Jenn, Megan, Stephanie, Todd We sit down for an interview with the creator of the soon-to-be-Kickstarted RPG Threadbare, Stephanie Bryant. We talk about violence in games, mental illness in games, stitchpunk, and what goes into designing a particular feel. Enjoy! Check here for updates on Threadbare

Jank Cast: S/Lay With Me AP

Actual Play: S/Lay With Me LET THE GREAT TWOSIE GAME EXPERIMENT BEGIN! Megan and Todd play Ron Edward’s groundbreaking S/Lay With Me (link NSFW) to kick off a series of Actual Plays where we will play two player (TWOSIE!) games, culminating in some casts where we will explore such games. Next time will be Murderous Ghosts featuring Timo and Scott.

Cinema Supercollider: B-Fest 2016

Episode 2: B-Fest 2016 In this episode, we talk about our trip to B-Fest, the annual 24 hour B-movie marathon at Northwestern University!  From the best of the worst to the absolutely dreadful, we round up our favorite movie weekend of the year.  We also talk about being an official sponsor, and the reception that our game, Greenlight, received from the film lovers in attendance. Movies discussed: The Adventures of Hercules Caltiki, The Immortal Monster…
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