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Oh Requiem! The Tilt takes on Break a Leg

Imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered that the Tilt Podcast had run an actual play game of my silly little theatre-based playset, Break a Leg, this month! The Tilt is dedicated to bringing to life various Fiasco playsets via a rotating cast of actors, improvisers and comedians.  Their version featured the trials and tribulations of the cast and crew of “Oh Requiem!” a musical version of the film, Requiem for a Dream.  Put…
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Heroine AP episodes now available!

I had the pleasure of recording an Actual Play with the lovely people of One Shot Podcast and their special guest, comedian Mike Migdall.  The game is Heroine, by Josh T. Jordan, that pulls a lot of story elements and genre feels from movies like Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland.  I play the Heroine, a foster kid named Lindsay, who finds herself in a strange world with strict rules and strange denizens.  The first two episodes…
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